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  • All Associates and visitors must wear a mask covering the nose, mouth, and chin at all times.

  • Associates will remain 6 feet apart whenever possible. 

  • All Associates & visitors will be given a health screening & temperature check upon entering any CBS facility.

  • Associates will wash hands immediately upon entering a CBS facility. Hand sanitizer and handwashing facilities will be available throughout the facility for frequent washing/sanitizing.

  • Associates will take their temperature before leaving home. If the temperature is above 100*, or the Associate has COVID-19 symptoms, such as cough, fever, chills, sore throat, they will report to their Supervisor via telephone and will not report in person.

  • If any person in an Associate’s home has a fever above 100* or COVID-19 symptoms, the Associate will report to their Supervisor via telephone for further instructions.

  • If an Associate develops a fever of 100* or higher or develops any COVID-19 symptoms, the Associate will report the symptoms to their Supervisor as soon as possible.

  • Associates who have COVID-19 symptoms will be asked to quarantine according to current CDC guidelines.

  • Associates are offered the COVID-19 vaccine whenever it is available at their assigned facility.



  • All CBS Facilities are sanitized twice daily using a sanitizer that is effective against the COVID virus. 

  • Single entry points at each facility ensure health screening & social distancing.

  • Work areas that may be used by multiple Associates are sanitized after each use.

  • Tables & chairs have been removed from common areas to prevent the spread of COVID-19 due to the congregation.

  • Work stations are spaced out to allow 6 feet social distance between Associates.

School Buses & Other Vehicles

  • Students will wear masks according to local board policy.

  • Hand sanitizer is installed at the entry of each school bus. Students will sanitize their hands before entering the
    school bus.

  • Students are socially distant on the school bus according to local board policy.

  • School Bus Drivers & Attendants (where applicable) will maintain 6 feet social distance from students whenever possible.

  • Disposable gloves and eye protection are available to School Bus Drivers & Attendants whenever six feet cannot be maintained between the Associate & students. 

  • Whenever weather permits, windows and/or roof hatches will be opened during bus routes to allow fresh air circulation.

  • School Buses are thoroughly sanitized using sanitizer that is effective against the COVID virus according to CBS guidelines at least twice daily. 

  • Special Needs student seating is cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instruction.


All COVID-19 information & employee illness are reported to the CBS Safety Team via email for immediate review and mitigating action.

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